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20/08/2020- Discover Clean Growth Innovation

Clean Growth Innovation is the development of any new or improved product, process, business model or service that reduces your impact on the environment. It reduces your impact on the planet and can drive down costs, increase profits, improve employee morale and give your marketing an edge.

The Covid19 pandemic has forced many businesses to consider how they can be more resilient in the future, and as many explore how they will reset their operations innovation and change will be key. The Net Zero Carbon 2050 target is still set so innovating with a cleaner and greener approach will support a more sustainable future and help future-proof your business.

This taster session will give you a flavour of our acclaimed Clean Growth Innovation workshop (free to Clean Growth UK members), designed to help you identify and learn about the most impactful actions you can take in your business. 

You’ll get a whistle-stop tour of what businesses cover in the full workshop, which includes: 

  *   Energy saving and generation

  *   Process automation

  *   Clean and green new product and service innovation

  *   Supply chain management

  *   Business energy and productivity auditing

  *   Staff engagement and business strategy

  *   Access to grant funding

This FREE workshop is run by us, Clean Growth UK‘s North Hub

TASTER_ LJMU CGI Workshop Leaflet Sept 2020 Invest Sefton

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