Master Class: Sales Negotiation

Start Date20/05/2016
Start Time9:00am
End Time4:00pm
Venue Liverpool & Sefton Chambers of Commerce
Number One Old Hall Street
L3 9HG (Click here to view a map of the venue)

This is a Liverpool & Sefton Chambers of Commerce event.

Pricing information: Members £99, non-members £149.

An interactive sales negotiation workshop for you and your employees

An interactive sales negotiation workshop for you and your employees – Has 2015/2016 been a good year for your business? Or could performance have been better? Do you want 2016 to be the year you ‘break through’ ? If Yes, join Liverpool and Sefton Chamber of Commerce and Mike Holmes of Business Doctors for this interactive sales negotiaition workshop that will pass on great tips to improve your profitability and conversion.

Understand how to:

• Lay the groundwork for negotiation
• Identify what information to share and what to keep to yourself
• Understand a range of bargaining techniques
• Apply strategies for identifying mutual gain
• Understand how to reach consensus and set the terms of agreement
• Deal with personal attacks and other difficult issues
• Use the negotiating process to solve everyday problems
• Negotiate on behalf of someone else

Who the workshop is for?

Business owners and existing or new employees who want to:

•  Further understand the art and science of negotiation
•  Understand what makes a successful negotiator
•  Improve their conversion rates and long term profitability
•  Find out how to bundle solutions rather than just carrying out transactions
•  Build profitable relationships with customers and clients
•  Create value and ‘enlarge the pie’ to produce win-win outcoes

Learning Outcomes

•  Discover what you already know about negotiation
•  Establish yours and/or your employees negotiation development needs
•  How to ask potential clients the right questions and fully understand their needs
•  Learn about negotiation techniques and how not to discount
 Be prepared for objections, i.e. Not accepting ‘NO’ as an answer

For more information or to secure your place for this event please email or call 0151 227 1234.

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