Imagine Sefton 2030

Start Date26/07/2016
Start Time11.30am
End Time2.00pm
Venue Churchtown Room
Southport Town Hall
Lord Street
PR8 1DA (Click here to view a map of the venue)

On 23rd June we witnessed probably the most historic vote in the UK for over 40 years resulting in the decision to leave the European Union.  The decision will  please some businesses and disappoint others; undoubtedly there is great uncertainty as we all await  further information from Whitehall on how the exit will unfold and  the consequences this will have for Sefton and the city region.

This will be at the forefront of our thinking for the next steps in developing Imagine Sefton 2030 ,an initiative that will engage all communities in creating a Vision that expresses their desired outcomes in the year 2030, be they personal, social, family orientated, business or community orientated. This Vision will guide our long term planning for a resilient local economy – our response to external shocks, such as the exit announcement,  helping us  to collectively stimulate and facilitate growth and  prosperity, setting new and higher levels of aspiration, and creating a new energy and strategic cohesion across the Borough.

Developing the 2030 Vision will build upon the many strengths of the Borough, informed by consultations and surveys that have taken place during the past few years including feedback from our business community. We recognise that there is already a wide array of planning work in existence or underway, including the Sefton Local Plan, Town Centre Regeneration, a new infrastructure Masterplan and the Sefton Coast Plan, but would like to take this opportunity to invite you as a Sefton business,  to contribute directly to the formation of this singular vision which unites our major growth strategies.

If not already done so, I would like to invite you to take part in a short survey (which will take no more than 5 minutes of your time) at We have also developed a multi-platform communication and engagement campaign to support involvement and I would like to direct you to, where you can find out more information.


As a valued and active participant and partner in our various business groups and networks, we would like to invite you to one our forthcoming consultation events in Southport and Bootle:

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