Global Culture and Compliance – What you need to know

Start Date30/06/2016
Start Time1.00pm
End Time3.15pm
Venue Phillippines Suite
Exhibition Centre
Kings Dock
L3 4FP (Click here to view a map of the venue)

The afternoon will begin with an overview from Keith Warburton of Global Business Culture – a world leading cultural awareness consultancy, specialising in the field of global cultural difference and its impact on international business operations.


During the overview, Keith will look at:
How cultural background can affect the way people look at the world and why it is difficult to shift mind-sets
The various areas where compliance policies can be impacted by cultural difference
The need to start winning hearts and minds at an earlier stage when implementing compliance policies


This will be followed by a panel discussion featuring:
Steve Williams – MD – Warwick Chemicals
Sylvia White – General Counsel – GardaWorld International Protective Services
Kent Dreadon – Deputy General Counsel – Telefonica
Karen Caswell – Head of Export Control MAI – BAE Systems


Discussion points will include the following (and you will have the opportunity to put questions to the panel after the discussion):


žLet’s take a step back – What is driving your compliance policies?  (To get a feel about where the direction/pressure for compliance is coming from)


žDo you feel that these cultural issues should be factored into the construction of global compliance policies or is it ‘just what it is’ – no discussion? (This is the dilemma with compliance – it is often driven by the law in one country but that may be illegal in another country ie LGBT)


žWhich areas of compliance have you found most difficult to implement globally?


žTimes when policy and compliance are confused – for example if a client has a global policy which states you can’t spend more than £37.50 on a meal for anybody anywhere, is this compliance or is it arbitrary policy?


žWhat advice can you give with regard to successfully rolling out a global compliance policy?


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