Everyone Owns IP: What do you own?

Start Date29/06/2016
Start Time10.00am
End Time11.00am
Venue Exhibition Centre
Kings Dock
L3 4FP (Click here to view a map of the venue)

Meet the Expert Masterclass

Most successful businesses, large or small, are built on well managed intangible assets or intellectual property (IP).  Businesses create and use intellectual property all the time, perhaps without realising it.  The Value of your IP whether it’s a trade mark, patent, design, copyright or trade secret can far outweigh the value of your physical assets.

This session will give an introduction to what IP is and why it is integral to successful businesses.   It will highlight some of the keys benefits and pitfalls related to IP using examples of real businesses that have made costly mistakes.

With IP rights being a mixture of national and international rights our advisors will help businesses understand the routes available to them and highlight some topics for consideration.

Masterclass given by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO)

To attend, simply sign up to the International Festival for Business Club for free.

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