Business Finance Workshop – “Where to go when the banks say no!”

Start Date30/07/2015
Start Time1.30pm
End Time4.00pm
Venue Magdalen House
Conference Rooms 4 & 5 (Ground Floor)
Trinity Road
L20 3NJ (Click here to view a map of the venue)

Business Finance – Where to go when the banks say no

Sahar Hashemi, co-founder of coffee-shop chain Coffee Republic, got 39 rejections for bank finance before getting a yes…

Rejections for small business bank finance are not unusual.  However, rejection does not always spell defeat.  Often, it is just a case of knowing where to go, and who to ask, about traditional and non-traditional forms of finance.

On Thursday, 30 July, InvestSefton is hosting a Business Funding workshop, Where to Go When the Banks Say No!

Businesses will receive important, impartial advice at the workshop about:

• Traditional and non-traditional and alternative sources of funding – £710m lent by Funding Circle to date

• Government backed grant and business loan schemes

• What to do if you are rejected for finance – top tips

• Online business grant search tool, see what you may qualify for

Delegates will also receive a guide to applying for business finance.  There will also be the opportunity to book a one-to-one ‘surgery’ with an InvestSefton specialist finance advisor at a future date.

Places at the workshop are limited, and it is likely to be very quickly oversubscribed.

There is no cost to you to attend these events.

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