Business Beyond Boundaries?

Start Date30/06/2016
Start Time10.00am
End Time11.00am
Venue Exhibition Centre
Kings Dock
L3 9HG (Click here to view a map of the venue)


This session by James Sproule will look discuss a number of topic and aspects the business. Including:

• Views on productivity that have to be seen in the context of a rapidly changing economy and likely future demands and developments; UK productivity may have languished since 2007, but the critical question is: are we prepared for the future?

• The productivity challenge that is acute. Incremental productivity gains, while desirable, are unlikely to give the UK economy the boost that demographics suggest it needs.

• Institutional agility, which is vital. Firms need to be open to new products and processes; an active employment market can encourage new approaches to work and more rapid acceptance of innovation, resulting in greater productivity gains.

• New industries and methods of working which are altering the productivity challenges that businesses face; economic success will ultimately be more about mastering entrepreneurism than excelling at mature processes.

• How investment can be critical to improving productivity, but effectiveness is also largely determined by three critical elements: volume of investment, how capital is directed into new investment, and the agility within the broader economy to be able to capitalise on any investment.

This session will be relevant for Directors and Managers from countries all around the World because the conclusions arising from the research can be applied to any modern economy competing in the World marketplace and thus needing to be innovative and competitive.

For UK companies wishing to expand their exports it will be essential listening to enable them to understand the importance of institutional agility and how it could be adopted successfully.

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