60RUM in Southport – ‘How Secure Is Your business?’

Start Date15/07/2016
Start Time09:00am
End Time10:00am
Venue Moore & Smalley, Hoghton Chambers
Hoghton Street
PR9 0TB (Click here to view a map of the venue)

This is a Liverpool and Sefton Chamber of Commerce event.

Pricing: Members: Free   Non-members: Free

In today’s modern commercial environment the security risks to SME businesses is becoming more apparent with key words such as ‘Cyber Attacks, Insider Threat, Fraud, Data Protection, Anti Bribery & Corruption, Crisis Management & Business Continuity’ at the forefront of the government and major industry players messages to UK based companies.

This 60 minute session will provide you with insights into the latest security risks to SME’s, help you ask questions of your business and the relationships they have with their clients.


1. Better understand of security based risks faced by SME’s.
2. What does protecting your own and the clients information effectively look like.
3. The importance of robust security management & business resilience processes.
4. What SME’s can do to reduce the risks that they face

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