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06/10/2020- The Community Environment Funds has now been launched.

The Year of the Environment in 2019 was a success for the Liverpool City Region. As you may recall at the Summit last November, the Metro Mayor vowed to continue the momentum by pledging a pot of £500,000 for community environment projects across the Liverpool City Region. The importance of this Community Environment Fund has been further emphasised recently during the COVID pandemic, with many people appreciating natural spaces, starting projects to green where they live and renewing their sense of community. The fund complements the Mayor’s vision to “Build Back Better”, and will contribute to a green recovery by assisting organisations to expand their good work and to support communities to engage in a range of environmental activities.

The Community Environment Fund aims to:

  1. Improve the environment in the Liverpool City Region (LCR).
  2. Encourage long-term behavioural change.
  1. Promote community engagement and participation in environmental projects.

The fund will be launched in two phases, with streams 1 & 2 launching on the 6th October 2020, and stream 3 on the 19th October 2020. Streams 1 and 2 will be open for 4 weeks and stream 3 for 5 weeks.

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(Source: Combined Authority)