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Do you do enough to support the Health of your Staff?

Recent employee stats show:
– 1 in 7 have a mental health condition
– 1 in 3 have a long term condition
– 1 in 10 have musculo-skeletal conditions

Investing into a Staff Health Programme like Active Workforce can solve and prevent these issues, resulting in huge advantages to your company:
– Better staff morale
– Increased productivity
– Lower sickness absence
– Better corporate image

Active Workforce offers a full range of opportunities for staff to improve their health in and around the working day, including Mindfulness, Menopause Support, Health Checks, Reduced Gym Memberships, Nutrition Advice, Walking Trips and much more!

Why not sign up to our upcoming 5K & 10K events with your colleagues and enjoy a fun, social evening, while watching the team in action?
They offer employees the chance to get outside, meet new people, socialise with colleagues and win a medal!

To find out more information about the programme, or to sign up the either event, please email: