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27/04/2022- Bosch Rexroth Event at new MTC Liverpool facility

Bosch and their partners are running an event at the new MTC facility In Liverpool Science Park in May which may be of interest to manufacturing and engineering clients of any size.

It’s part of a Bosch national roadshow  and  it compliments a lot of what we inspire companies to consider with lean Industry 4.0.

Plus MTC can show off their new facility in Liverpool

Any size company welcome , the Bosch kit will vary in sophistication and budget from basic line side digital solutions to fully integrated autonomous vehicles such as an Amazon warehouse set up.

The workshops will be held on 17th or 18th May 2022. 10.00am – 3.30pm


Phone: 01480 223242

LWG_industry_invite_MTC-Liverpool (May 2022)