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16/08/2022 – InvestSefton’s charity offer to boost economy consultation returns

Sefton Council’s Business Support and investment Team-InvestSefton are offering to donate an hour of voluntary work to a local charity for every 10 responses that are completed in the current Economic Strategy consultation.


Team members are keen to ensure they get as much feedback as possible for the current consultation on the new Economic Strategy, which looks at the Borough’s business and employment needs and sets out what the Council will do to meet them.

Scheduled to close on Wednesday 17th August, the consultation has already generated over 100 responses, which means 10 hours of voluntary work for the team already. However, they want to double that and make it 20 hours, thanks to 200-plus responses by nest week’s closing date.

You can take part in the consultation here. 

Residents, communities & businesses

Through the consultation to the Council wants to collect views on how to help improve the Borough’s economy for its residents, communities and businesses. Feedback gathered will help form a new Sefton Economic Strategy.

Strategic economic growth is a key part of the Sefton 2030 Vision towards which the Council is working. This new consultation will enable the Council to understand better the needs of Sefton residents, business owners, organisations and investors, as it plans its Economic Strategy for the years 2022 to 2024.

Pre-consultation work was carried out gathering the views on areas including employment and opportunities for work, business growth, investment, and social inclusion from a diverse range of people.


Team leader Mike Mullin said: “It is important we get as many people’s views as possible so that we can help to help create the environment to generate opportunities for the workforce and local businesses across Sefton.

“That’s why the team and I have committed to doing this voluntary work to help a local charity , to try and get as many responses as possible.

“Anyone providing feedback to the consultation will know that they are contributing to the economic future of Sefton and at the same time, generating support for a good cause.”

Partners & stakeholders

When the consultation was launched in July, Cllr Marion Atkinson, Sefton Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Skills, said: “We recognise the importance of working with our many key partners and stakeholders from the private sector, communities, voluntary sector and local businesses. This consultation is for everyone, including those partners, and can help define our future.”

The team will carry out the work with a local charity through the Council’s Employee Volunteering scheme through which employees can use for two days’ paid leave and three days unpaid leave per year for these activities.

Take part in the consultation here.