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08/07/2020- Bespoke Support for you as a Business Leader

Sustain is a 6-week online course to help you and your business to stabilise, adapt and sustain through Covid-19 and beyond. Plus, it’s fully funded so no cost to you.

I know it is a really busy time, this support offers tangible impact for you and the team for just a 2-hour time commitment each week for 6 weeks. You’ll get access to:

  • A community of leaders facing the same challenges as you
  • Online workshops to help you to strengthen your pipeline, rebuild your business plan and create clarity across your business
  • Digital resources to keep you and your team on track

Do you think it sounds like a good fit? To apply you can head to . Or, if you’d like some more information, reply here and Jan and the team will happily answer any questions.