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07/02/2022- The Good Business Festival returns in March 2022


DAY 1 – Tuesday kicks off at the Waterfront as we hear from experts and business leaders about the innovations and solutions that are within our control to power profitable, purposeful business.

Speakers and strategists from Innocent, The Open University, Ocean Bottle and the Climate Crisis Hub amongst many more explore what actions can be taken right now in order to enact positive change in the world; our experts take a deep dive into what needs to be done to tackle the climate crisis, reduce inequalities and create sustainable cities and communities.

We hear from three futurologists from The British Academy, Deloitte and Nesta who look to horizon and predict the trends of tomorrow and forecast the societal direction of the next five years.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation explain the principles of the circular economy and how it can be adopted by your business and in Places with Purpose we hear from Torus and Peel who address responsible regeneration.

Following a talk on the power of creative storytelling with a group of innovators and changemakers, settle down to a series of specially curated short films brought to the festival by The Climate Hub.

DAY 2 – On Wednesday in the Knowledge Quarter we ask ‘what difference our money makes’. From micro-business that power local economies to global fast fashion and ethical investment, we question whether our ethics and intentions match our actions – as part of collective challenges to put our money where our mouth is.

In the morning we hear from Ipsos MORI, TRAID, thinktank Fashion Roundtable and CoGo who will analyse if ethics really matter to today’s consumers, and whether the gap between what people say and what they do is shrinking or widening.

During the afternoon we hear from the OG’s of purpose – B Lab, Blueprint for Better Business and Good Business Charter – who will tell us what it really takes to be a good business and how you can get there.

And over in the divine setting of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral we talk house building with The Regenda Group, Procurement with Purpose and the future of transport.

DAY 3 – A rousing finale in the Baltic sees us tackle football ?, work, energy, and big pharma – not much eh?

The experts decipher the future of work and highlight what more can be done to maximise the untapped potential that people with disabilities bring to the workplace; look at the status of the music industry and what progress is being made in the energy sector.

We end on a high by handing over to trailblazers of tomorrow, who’ve designed state-of-the-art systems to solve a problem in the world today.

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