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Clean Growth Workshop

If you would like the opportunity to understand more about your business’s carbon footprint and ways to reduce it, then this workshop is for you. It will be held on Tuesday 27th August at The Atkinson in Southport.

The Workshop will cover:   

  • The Climate Emergency imperative and how it affects your business
  • Business support available for clean growth
  • Understanding the carbon footprint of your business (Practical exercise)
  • How to responsibly manage /recycle your waste
  • How to grow your business by being green
  • The current funding landscape


The purpose of the workshop is to:

  • Reinforce the climate emergency message and introduce the support available to help businesses become more green
  • Make organisations think about their energy usage – heat, light, energy, transport, commuting and re-using / recycling and disposal of waste
  • We will do an interactive session to get people to list what they think they use ( this can be followed up by Free ERDF support if required to do a proper formal assessment)
  • Show how we calculate carbon assessment, with case study examples
  • Introduce businesses to waste recycling its impact and how to responsible dispose / re-use waste
  • Adopt clean and sustainable practices to grow and futureproof your business, CSR
  • Introduce funding – the potential incentives and grants that are available


For more information or to book your place please email or call Dom or Sharon on 0151 934 3451.