Knowledge Economy

The Knowledge Economy looks to generate, evaluate and trade knowledge, with a strong emphasis being placed on cutting edge technology, innovative processes and systems and the use of information which is developed through research and development.

The Liverpool City Region (LCR) Knowledge Economy Plan defines the Knowledge Economy as being

‘…based on the successful input, application and exploitation of the most relevant up to date knowledge (including skills and innovation) into the development of goods and services’

Major centres of Knowledge Exchange include, but are not limited to science parks, laboratories, universities and other educational institutes, that in addition to providing valuable resources and facilities also welcome the input of businesses and their knowledge in order to develop their own activities.

Sefton based companies are ideally situated to exploit opportunities in this sector through the use of Seftons own educational institutes and those of the Knowledge Quarter in Liverpool.

The Knowledge Economy can assist companies to gain a competitive advantage by providing technical and problem solving expertise which in turn can assist an organisation to increase productivity, develop and grow. This can be done through:

  • Development of new products
  • Implementation of new systems
  • Intellectual property support
  • Bespoke training and development
  • Implementation of skills and employee resources
  • Research expertise
  • Consultancy
  • Testing and research Facilities

Whilst the Knowledge Economy welcomes companies from a variety of sectors, regardless of their size, a focus has been placed on four key sectors; the Life Sciences, Advanced Manufacturing, Financial and Professional Services and the Creative and Digital Industries. In addition, the Knowledge Economy has considerable links with other growth sectors within Sefton including the Superport and Low Carbon Economy.

For further information on how the Knowledge Economy can assist your business please contact:

Carl Flaherty:  0151 934 4676   E:

Colin Hickey:  0151 934 4646/2758  E:

Jean Hartley:  0151 934 3414  E:

Julie Swarbrick:  0151 934 3441  E:

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