Finance & Professional

Funded by European Regional Development Fund and available to qualifying Businesses in Sefton

The Financial & Professional Services Sector (FPS) includes financial institutions, financial intermediaries such as insurance brokers and financial advisers, stock brokers and investment companies.

It includes key parts of the business services sector, broadly comprising the professions, including legal services, accountancy, management consultancy, recruitment consultancy and property services.

FPS is essential in underpinning job growth in the Knowledge Economy and Low Carbon Sectors. The sector also plays a significant role in setting standards, enhancing skill levels and spreading innovation and good practice throughout business and industry more widely

Sefton possesses a ‘strong secondary cluster’ of financial and professional services.

The Invest Sefton Service will work with these businesses and their eligible clients to:

  • Support them with a tailored menu to assist in development of their Growth plans
  • Provide a ‘Forum’ where Professionals can support each other
  • Take on board their concerns and where possible assist in identifying solutions
  • Work with their clients providing direct support to qualifying businesses
  • Facilitate Sector Specific Events for dissemination of Best Practice

For a confidential meeting please contact:

Carl Flaherty:  0151 934 4676   E:

Colin Hickey:  0151 934 4646/2758  E:

Jean Hartley:  0151 934 3414  E:

Julie Swarbrick:  0151 934 3441  E:


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