Sefton Economic Strategy – Seventh Performance Monitoring Report – March 2016

IFB 2016 Business Flyer

SEF April 2015: 4040 Media – The Journey to Success (Wyzowl)


SEF April 2015  :  UKTI Paul Stowers

SEF April 2015 :  Global Markets Local Opportunities – Gavin Quinn – Invest Sefton

SEF April2015 :  Nexus – Southport Development Strategy

SEF April 2015 :  Sara Wilde McKeown – Invest Sefton Presentation – Influential

SEF April 2015 :  Frank McDonald – University of Liverpool

Sefton Economic Forum Presentation- Inciner8

Sefton Economic Forum Presentation- Chief Executive, Sefton Council

Sefton Economic Forum Presentation – Liverpool City Region

Sefton Economic Forum Presentation –  Southport Rail Transport Forum

Superfast Broadband Grant

Meet the Buyer Supplier Template WORD DOC

Meet the Buyer Supplier Template PDF 

Business of the Month- Questions



Meet the buyer- application form

Sefton Local Economic Assessment – Main Report – 11 May 2011

Sefton Economic Forum 26th February 2014 IFB Presentation

Sefton Economic Forum 26th February 2014 LEP Presentation

Sefton Economic Forum 26th February 2014 UKTI Presentation

Business Breakfast and Lending Clinic- 15th January 2014 LEP presentation slides

Sefton Economic Forum-Marketing Presentation_ Jenny Poolton, UoL

Sefton Economic Forum_Presentation_Dr Paul Redmond, UoL

Sefton Economic Forum-C2i Supply Chain Presentation_Bruce Pinnington, UoL

Sefton Economic Forum-Key Growth Sectors Presentation_Alan Welby, LCR, LEP

Merseyside Business Support Programme_Factsheet 2013

Sefton Economic Strategy

Sefton Economic Strategy- First Performance Monitoring Report, March 2013

Sefton Economic Strategy- Second Performance Monitoring Report, September 2013

Sefton Economic Strategy- Third Performance Monitoring Report, March 2014

Sefton Economic Strategy – Fourth Performance Monitoring Report – September 2014

Sefton Economic Strategy – Fifth Performance Monitoring Report, March 2015

Sefton Economic Strategy – Sixth Performance Monitoring Report – September 2015

Liverpool2 Insights_Issue1

Liverpool2 Insights_Issue2

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