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Innovate UK- opportunity for companies looking for investment….

Manufacturing, Materials and Mobility Investment Showcase

Register by: 8 October 2018, 12pm

Competition closes: 15 October 2018, 12pm

Showcase event date: 15 November, 2018 at the Liverpool Exhibition Centre

For more information contact:

Bruce Colley – Access to Finance manager –

Lynne McGregor – Innovation Lead, MMM –

Register for the competition here


Innovate UK are offering an opportunity to pitch to a closed room of investors all who have expressed an interest in companies with innovation and Intellectual Property in advanced materials, manufacturing processes and mobility solutions for transport. As this showcase is co-located with the Digital Manufacturing Week Smart Factory Expo in Liverpool, we are

The process opens on 17 Sept 2018. The deadline for registration is at 12:00pm (midday) on 1 October 2018, and the deadline for final applications to be submitted is at 12:00pm (midday) on 8 October 2018.

There is no formal briefing event for this process as it is not a formal competition.


Innovate UK is the UK’s innovation agency. We fund and connect innovative businesses through a unique mix of people and programmes to accelerate sustainable economic growth. One way we do this is by bringing together promising businesses that have been through our rigorous selection processes with potential investors.

Investment showcase activities accelerate UK economic growth through an investor-led programme. They match validated, innovative businesses to private equity investors. This improves their chances of raising equity for growth through innovation. One of the biggest challenges for businesses seeking investment is to capture the attention of relevant investors. Evaluations of (government-supported) equity investment programmes revealed that typical funds received as many as 150 proposals each month. Only 6% to 15% of these proposals resulted in a meeting and only 0.2% to 2% resulted in investment.

Our investment showcase activities aim to improve the chances of investor meetings and investment through a structured and focused investor-led process. This showcase is focused around the Manufacturing, Materials & Mobility sector (MMM) which aims to address the AI and the Data Revolution, Clean Growth and the Future of Mobility challenges described by HM Government Industrial Strategy white paper.

Over the last 24 months our showcasing activities have raised over £9.5m equity investment.

Investor involvement

We currently have 14 VCs and corporate VCs committed to the panel selection process and showcase event on 15th November, including the following. We are still working with additional investors who have expressed interest and so may add to this list.

·         Amadeus Capital ·         First Imagine Ventures ·         MMC Ventures
·         EMV Capital ·         Foresight Group ·         Ombu Group
·         Mercia Fund ·         Longwall Ventures ECF ·         Prime Advantage Capital Partners
·         ETF Partners ·         Magna International ·         Robert Bosch Venture Capital
·         Force over Mass ·         Maven Capital Partners    


Please note that we have no formal agreements in place with any of the investors identified above and they may conclude after reviewing applications that there are none of interest and therefore not attend, Likewise, there are additional investors who do not want to take place in the selection process who may attend on the day.


This investment showcase will focus on businesses providing innovative solutions addressing materials, manufacturing and mobility challenges. These can include advanced technologies, processes and systems that will be attractive to manufacturers and suppliers of materials and mobility solutions.

The following areas are in scope for this showcase:

  • High Value Manufacturing – innovations in manufacturing systems, technologies, processes or business models. For example, in process engineering, industrial biotechnology, mechanical conversion processes, coatings, surface engineering, textiles, supply chain management, new product introduction processes or remanufacture.
  • Advanced Materials – innovations in materials development, properties, integration or reuse. For example, for light-weighting, energy generation and storage (heat and electricity), electronics/sensors or operation in demanding environments.
  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems – innovations in robotics and other systems that enable automated or fully autonomous operations in a wide range of applications including healthcare, manufacturing, agri-food, transport and energy supply.
  • Transport and Mobiity – innovations in aerospace, automotive and other transport vehicles, including electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles and drones but not including marine.
  • Enabling and cross-cutting technologies – internet of things, big data, modelling and simulation, autonomous sensing, and other digital solutions that have applications in manufacturing, materials and mobility; and batteries and energy management systems that enable transport and manufacturing solutions.

We are inviting applications from businesses currently seeking private funding for the development and implementation of innovative solutions that exploit commercial opportunities in this technology space.

Investment criteria and process

  • We expect investment asks to predominantly range in size from £150,000 to £1.5 million. However, the panel will consider opportunities outside this range based on their individual merit.
  • The investors, at their own discretion, may invite companies to enter into further discussions following the panel presentation. This may lead to an investment. Investment may be made singly or in syndicate.
  • We will, following the pitching session follow up with each of the investors to establish whether they are interested in further discussions with you and will feedback any specific comments.
  • Investors may also, at their own discretion, follow up with any applicant after the date of the pitching event.
  • There is no guarantee that the investors will identify any businesses that meet their criteria or that any proposed investment terms will be considered suitable by applicants.
  • Innovate UK are not providing any funding through this process. Our role is solely to facilitate the introduction process.
  • Innovate UK will be involved in facilitating the panel that selects the companies to pitch. We will also be involved in facilitating the pitching session. We will not be involved in any post pitch discussions or due diligence.
  • We would however wish to be informed of your progress and will follow up to measure impact post investor panel.

How to apply

This investment showcase is open by invitation only to UK-based businesses that have:

  • previously participated in relevant Innovate UK competitions where those applications were judged highly innovative and to have significant commercial potential
  • been recommended to Innovate UK as suitable by the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), Catapult centres or Enterprise Europe Network

The application is in 2 parts – a short summary application form and the uploading of an executive summary or pitch deck.

Application form

Applicants must complete an application form giving company details and briefly describing their business. This is principally to allow us to understand what you are seeking and to ensure that you are in-scope.

Executive summary / pitch deck

The investors expect you to provide an executive summary or a pitch deck. They have explicitly said that they do not want the equivalent to full business plans at this stage as they are only using the information to decide if they would like to see you pitch at which point they can ask detailed questions.

It is suggested that the executive summary should ideally be 2 pages long and any pitch deck should be no longer than 12 slides. If you make it much longer then it is likely that the investors will reject it.

You should not include information that is confidential or of a sensitive nature, such as intellectual property that has not yet been patented or commercial contracts that have not yet been announced. This is common practice when investors are engaging with businesses for the first time. If you have any doubts about what should or should not be included then we would advise you to take professional advice. The investor panel members have not given any specific undertakings to keep information in the company profiles and presentations confidential.

Presentations to investor panel

The investor panel will select a number of applicants to present at a closed-room session hosted by Innovate UK on the afternoon of 15th November 2018 in Liverpool. Their selection will be by the panel of investors and will be based on the information you provide in your executive summary or pitch deck. The investment showcase is being held in conjunction with the Digital Manufacturing Week Smart Factory Expo. Entry is free, with over 200 free-to-attend presentations running concurrently on the exhibition floor in dedicated Solutions Theatres. Innovate UK are also running an Innovation Alley and welcome applications from start-ups and established players who would like to showcase their innovative solutions at this event. Apply for this here.

Selected applicants are invited to attend a pitch critique session hosted by Innovate UK and delivered by the KTN on 30th October 2018 at the KTNs offices at the Business Design Centre, Islington.


The process opens on 17 Sept 2018. The deadline for registration is at 12:00pm (midday) on 8 October 2018, and the deadline for final applications to be submitted is at 12:00pm (midday) on 15 October 2018.

Key dates

Application process opens 17 Sept 2018
Registration deadline Noon 8 October 2018
Pitch preparation webinar (see note 1 below) 1 October 2018 – 14.00 to 16.00
Deadline for applications and company profiles Noon 15 October 2018
Applicants invited to pitch 23 October 2018
Pitch Critique (see note 2 below) 30 October 2018
Presentation submitted to Innovate UK (see note 3 below) 14 November 2018
Presentation to investor panel 15 November 2018

Note 1 – This session will be provided as a webinar by Emma Fadlon from the KTN and is available to all companies interested in the process. She and her team will also be able to provide limited 1-2-1 sessions with applicant companies. For details contact Emma at the following email with subject “MMM investment showcase – register for webinar” (or use this link).

Login details for the webinar are as follows:

Pitch preparation webinar link – WEBEX MEETING

Meeting number (access code): 166 542 859

Meeting password: FVkNsB7u


Note 2 – The pitch critique is an opportunity to see other companies present and to get objective comments on your pitch. It is not mandatory but is recommended. This pitch critique session will take place at the Business Design Centre, London and is by invitation only for selected applicants

Note 3 – Format for presentations will be provided to all selected companies as will information on who to send the presentations to.

More information

To apply you must first register for the competition

Once you have registered you will receive a link for the secure site.

The secure site contains the Investment Readiness Review and Checklist, which provides further information on getting ready for investment.

Registration closes a week before the deadline for applications.

If you have any questions or require further information then please contact either:

Bruce Colley – Access to Finance manager –

Lynne McGregor – Innovation Lead, MMM –


Competition helpline: 0300 321 4357



As part of the application process all applicants are asked to submit a public description of their business. This should adequately describe your technology but not disclose any information that may impact on intellectual property, is confidential or commercially sensitive. The names of organisations, amounts invested, the investors involved and the public description will be published in the event that applicants are successful in raising capital from investors through this process.

Information about unsuccessful applications will remain confidential and will not be made public. Email with any queries.

Innovate UK is part of UK Research and Innovation, a non-departmental public body funded by a grant-in-aid from the UK government. For more information visit UK Research and Innovation’s website.

We drive productivity and economic growth by supporting businesses to develop and realise the potential of new ideas, including those from the UK’s world-class research base.

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