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Artificial intelligence has potential to transform lives but we’re not there yet…

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Mike Newton, founder of surveilance technology company, NetVu, says ‘AI is mostly limited to back-office business functions’

AI and analytics could plausibly remove the “human glue” that has traditionally governed so many processes and procedures.

In much the same way that robots transformed entire swathes of the manufacturing sector, AI could feasibly change the way businesses can work with data.

But – according to Mike Newton, founder and chairman of Northwich surveilance technology company, NetVu – we’re not there yet.

When asked about the current role of AI and analytics, Newton explained: “People talk about artificial intelligence, but the vast majority is in fact inference, not intelligence.

“It refers to machine learning and the ability to act on data, for example, the ability for machines to learn from past experiences and change the outcome of future decisions based on that data.

“Like the industrial revolution and the introduction of machinery, automation was initially a means of eliminating repetitive, manual tasks, and this perspective and methodology still dominates AI in business today.

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