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Unlock Business Opportunites in Ireland

Ireland is an ideal first step market for UK companies.  There is strong bilateral trade between the 2 countries and 3 million British tourists visit Ireland every year. 

The UK is Ireland’s most important trading partner while Ireland, with a population 0f 4.6 million is the 5th most important market for British exports, thus illustrating the significance of geography in facilitating economic interation.

Benefits for UK businesses exporting to Ireland include English speaking, same time zone, strong transport links, similar regulatory and legal framework, sophisticated consumer market, open economy, used to exports and good perception of the quality of British goods and services.

People-to-people contacts also contribute an important strand to the Irish-UK partnership.  The Irish community is part of the fabric of British society and Irish people make a significant contribution in every walk of life in today’s Britain.

The Department for International Trade are putting on a event on 30th January 2018.


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