Build Sefton is a major initiative to ensure that businesses and people in Sefton can effectively trade with and work in the construction industry across Merseyside and beyond. Build Sefton can help businesses in the construction sector to secure contracts, find staff through Sefton@Work and develop partnerships.

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Digital & Creative

Identified as a key priority within the Knowledge Economy, the Digital and Creative Sector is a major UK employer both in terms of companies within this sector and also digital and creative employment roles in other sectors.

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Environmental Management

As society and government move to embrace a lower carbon economy so too must industry and commerce. In particular it is the SME community, which can benefit greatly from, but does not generally possess a detailed understanding of how to achieve a reduction in its carbon footprint.

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Finance & Professional

Funded by European Regional Development Fund and available to qualifying Businesses in Sefton.

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Knowledge Economy

The Knowledge Economy looks to generate, evaluate and trade knowledge, with a strong emphasis being placed on cutting edge technology, innovative processes and systems and the use of information which is developed through research and development.

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InvestSefton’s manufacturing support specialists define manufacturing as “The process of transforming raw materials into finished goods for commercialisation, not always on an industrial scale.

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Maritime & Logistics

InvestSefton: Maximising Supply Chain Opportunities for Local Businesses.

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Renewable Technology

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Social Enterprise

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Visitor & Hospitality

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